The GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation is an EU- European Union regulation that represents initiative on data protection in 20 years. The main purpose of GDPR is to protect persons personal details, an individual will find themselves with more power and demand companies to reveal or delete the collected personal data. Cookies are mentioned once in the 88 pages of regulation. In other words- When you see cookies identifying an individual, it is considered as personal data.

Cookies are files that are automatically dropped on your computer as you use the web. In and of the themselves that files are harmless bits of text that locally store and can easily be deleted and viewed. Cookies can give you a great deal of insight into your activity which can be used to identify you without your explicit consent. Often, the cookies sometimes not even originate from the website you are visiting, but it’s from third parties that track you for their marketing purposes.

When it comes to consent to cookies used for customized advertising, only a few percentages of users are refusing to give their information. On an average percentage of refusal is 5% across Europe and a little bit higher in the UK it is 7%, in France it is 4 % bit lower, the Netherlands with 3 %, Italy and Spain with 2 %. Due to the fact that most of the German publications do not rely on user consent but on their own personalized ads.

Further, it seems like consent to the use of cookies will become a clearer and more granular choice for the visitor. This makes things a little more complex for site owners particularly. Overall it offers your customer more control over how data concerning them will be processed. VulnOS is here to assist you regarding GDPR compliance or how data can be used to improve your customers’ experience. Contact VulnOS GDPR specialist team today.



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