Six months ago in May, businesses in Europe were way busy in preparing the deadline for GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation. Now that half-year has passed since GDPR in action, this regulation has affected businesses in the EU and all across the world. As per one survey, 70% of surveyed businesses worldwide failed to address requests made from individuals who are seeking to obtain their personal data as per GDPR. After an overload of information prior to the GDPR, it is surprisingly quiet. GDPR was set up with the aim to ensure better protection of the personal data of EU citizens. This regulation is required for any organization that collects personal data from EU or run his business in EU- European Union.

Where is GDPR now?

Now many of EU business is used to with GDPR regulation, which doesn’t mean it’s no longer there. In fact, GDPR is as important as it was six months ago. Also, here only 20% of companies are fully GDPR compliant, and 27% of companies think they are compliant which turns out that peoples are still not aware of their rights. Further, one more positive note for companies are now more empowered to use the collected data to enhance their customer experience.


GDPR has enabled the consumers to be more conscious about their data. Thus data governance is becoming the new standard for building or reinforcing the relationship with the customer.

What happens when you don’t comply with the GDPR rules –

As per EU GDPR, each and every member of the EU has its own National Data Protection Authority. Any citizen or a company can report for data leaks or file a complaint if their privacy is not guaranteed. If you’re not handling the collected personal data carefully there are chances to face high fines. Like you don’t have privacy policy or data processing agreement, these fines can add up some 20 million euros or 4% of the worldwide annual turnover.

Half year on, however, there has been surprisingly little action at both the governmental level and at the business levels. It is certainly still relevant to keep the GDPR in mind. Save your business from paying high fines, make your business ready for GDPR with VulnOS. VulnOS is rendering for the solution for all type of businesses. Get more details about how you can save your business from GDPR, contact the team of VulnOS.



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