What Is the General Data Protection Regulation?

The GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation a new European privacy regulation come into effect on 25 of May. It is an EU wide regulation to control how the companies handle the personal data. This regulation applies to all software development companies that are into online selling and store personal information of European people all across the world. To give the people control over sharing their personal information and to assure them that their information is protected and secured. Here personal data includes any personal data that is related to a person like a photo, email address, bank details and many more. To give people control over how their data is used and to protect their rights, the legislation sets out certain requirements on data handling procedures, documentation, transparency and user consent.

As per that, any organization must keep the record of and monitor that personal data processing activities while collecting the personal information. As data controller, any organization or a company must keep the records of and monitor that personal data processing activities of each and every individual. This includes personal data handled within the company or in an organization, but also by a third party is also known as data processors.

What does the GDPR mean for your website?

If your online business, your website is serving individuals from the EU or you’re running your website from EU and processing any kind of personal data then you need to obtain prior consent from the visitor. To collect valid consent, you need to explain the extent and the purpose behind collecting the data in plain language to the visitor of yours. This information must be available all the time for all the visitors.

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