Are you thinking that GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation does not apply to your businesses when you are not offering goods and services to EU consumers or process data from EU- European Union? If you’re thinking about it then think again, As there is more to GDPR than cybersecurity. Using physical security yo protect your clients is very important for every online business.

Why Physical Measures are Important to GDPR?
Data breaches are constantly trying as hackers and cybercriminals are taking advantages of online businesses. To avoid that you need to learn physical loss and portable devices account for a large number of data breaches every year. With this is can become easy to assume if a client needs to protect personal data, wheater they need to invest in high-quality cyber security to prevent the attacks. As criminals can go to any length to gain valuable. If your company is holding physical copies of private data of your users then they could be at risk.

What Steps Can a Business Take?
Here are some key physical security measures which include:
– Install cameras as videos can act both as deterrent and detection technology.
– Mostly all front door have locks, with that you need to invest in internal access control so, in case someone accesses one part of the building, with internal security he or she cannot get far.
– If someone is entering the premises to steal files and data, he or she will want to have access to a vehicle to escape so surround a gate or security barrier around parking to keep them out.



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